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Winter Workshop - January 15-16, 2004
Location: Holiday Inn Arena, Binghamton. NY
Local Arrangements Chair: Peter Partell (Binghamton)
Program Co-Chairs: Robert Palmieri (HerkimerCCC)
Robert Karp (Plattsburg)


Thursday, January 15th

System Update - John Porter (System Admin)
Presentation (.ppt) (.pdf)

Status Report on new IR Data Systems - Barbaraan Owad (System Admin) Maggie Moehringer (System Admin)
BIRDS Minutes (.pdf)
Campus Submission Files (.jpg) - SDF course section
Data Elements List (.xls) (.pdf)

Mission Review 2 - Dr. Elisabeth Bringsjord (System Admin)
Presentation (.ppt) (.pdf)
Getting Started (.pdf)
Surveys (.pdf) - Campuses System Administration
Template from Mission Review I (.pdf)
Template from Mission Review II - headings only (.pdf)

Banner Users Group - David Seguin (Jamestown) Jackie Andrews (Delhi)

Data Mining - Emily Thomas (Stony Brook)
Presentation (.ppt) (.pdf)

An Analysis of Online Students: Performance and Differentiation - Angel Andreu (Monroe CC)
Presentation (.ppt) (.pdf)

IPEDS Peer Analysis System - Cathy Alvord (Cornell)
Presentation (.pdf)

Friday, January 16th

Project Management Database - Jerret LeMay (Binghamton) and Peter Partell (Binghamton)
Presentation (.pdf)

Assessment of the Major - Josh Smith (Albany) and Kelli Parmley (New Paltz)

Staffing of OIR at SUNY Campuses - Shawn VanEtten (Cortland)

Faculty Contributions to Mission: A System for Collection & Analysis at Binghamton University - Michael McGoff (Binghamton) Kelly Wemette (Binghamton)

Selecting Peer Institutions - Gary Blose (System Admin)

Teacher Certification - Craig Billie (System Admin)

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